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Pastoral Letter

October 15, 2017 - The 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

A Note From the Youth Director

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We resume reading where we left off last weekend in Matthew’s Gospel. Once again, we encounter Jesus intent on getting the attention of the chief priests and elders. In recent weeks, these guys have been on the receiving end of some very harsh words. Why was Jesus so focused on getting in their ear? Typically, the chief priests and elders are lumped together as “villains” in the New Testament. Perhaps, we can all agree that their motives and priorities were mixed up. Regardless, we benefit from the warnings Jesus issued to them, and in turn gain insight into what true pursuit of the Kingdom of Heaven looks like. This time around Matthew’s (Jesus’ parable) message to the Jewish Christian audience is more of a statement of reality than admonition.
Matthew’s trilogy of parables ends with the parable of the wedding feast. Jesus relates the Kingdom of Heaven to an over-the-top wedding banquet. As you are well aware, a bride and groom invite their closest friends and family to their wedding/reception. To be invited is a true honor, because it means you are an important part of their lives. But in this story, the people who were invited to the reception refused to come. Why? They were too pre-occupied with their own self-interests. The lesson for us is this: Many are called to God’s feast. Some will respond partially by politely declining the invitation. Some will ignore it altogether. And few will truly accept God’s widespread invitation. I think Matthew was making a direct statement to the Jewish Christian audience. He knew they were looking for the Messiah. Yet, he also knew that many would reject Christ out of inconvenience. Pray that Queen of Heaven Parish continues to invite all to the feast and that we all strive to reach the Eternal Banquet.

P.S. We conclude the celebration of the 100th year anniversary of the apparitions at Fatima (October 13th), and so let us pray with renewed gratitude for Mary’s motherly presence, and the desire to respond with the voice of all generations in calling Her blessed. Amen.
Steve Dyer